When those receiving JSA find a part time job their JSA is removed pond for pound save the first £5 earned. This is a serious disincentive for a person to take a part-time job for less than the JSA, for example accepting a job cleaning for 8 hour s week on min wage would earn that person around £50 however they will only see £5 of that increase because their JSA will be reduced by £45 effectively, they will be working for 50p an hour. No incentive at all!
So my idea is …..
To reduce JSA on a sliding percentage of the earnings.

Why is this idea important?

Then that extra income would find its way into the economy, the employer will be able to expand their business little by little, the JSA bill will be reduced and an individual will begin to re-establish their self worth  and hopefully make further progress towards full time employment. Its plain common sense.

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