Judges should be given fixed time in the Lords for introducing bills to simplify law.

  • I guess some judges are still Lords as part of their job.
  • Some way of judges being allowed-in to propose a bill is required for my suggestion.
  • Maybe the most senior judges could be Lords automatically and junior ones could apply in a compeition to be Lords for the duration of their bill's debates. I'm assuming that any debate about the House of Lords allows at least one judge in, and details follow consensus that judges should be allowed-in for this purpose at least.


Why is this idea important?

Judges have unique experience of which laws are hard work for them to judge and don't make sense.  The book about the McDonalds libel trial quotes one judge as saying something like "in most areas or law, if you write down what you think is right, 90% of the time that is the law. In the law of libel, the reverse is true. Only 10% of what you think is right is the law".

Rather than look-up my quotes or elaborate I'll stick to the simple point. If judges know how to simplify the law, why doesn't the Lords have a quota of time for them to do it?

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