Guideline are fine up to a point, However the sentence must be a ture sentence and not a fudge. victims hear a sentence pronounced then find:- a discount because of early plea. and will only serve half the time befor release. We should make the sentence longer if they do not plead guilty and the sentence should be a full sentence. Stop trying to fool the public. Prison does not work neither do community sentences suggest more effort is put into making community sentences more workable. Scrap the probation service and interduce another court run service letting courts take control of the punishment. I have no faith in the probation service as I believe they treat the offenders as friends. This will need money but if the commuity sentences were onerous enough Magistrates would have more faith in them that they would not need to use short prison sentences. This would save money, cut down on the prison use and restore faith in the justice system and the courts. I also believe you need to take a serious look at Court management over the passed few years more layers of management have been brought in. Now we have more managers than legal advisors who create work for more administration staff who create more work for legal advisors so less work is done in the courts which in turn delays justice. Cut down on managers and admin staff and let the Justice clerk retake control of the magistrates courts on behalf of the Magistrates. Not as it has become the Magistrates and the courts working for the Managers and the admin staff who are creating problems within the service. Please cut out the meetings and get on with the job. 

Why is this idea important?

It cuts out waste, and retore faith in the justice system at the same time cutting down on the numbers having to be sent to prison on short sentences.

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