To force everyone to buy digital radios when we already have perfectly good analogue radios in our homes and in our cars is wasteful in terms of resources and the environment.  The signal and sound quality is better on FM.

Why is this idea important?

Analogue radio gives us a better quality of sound.

The Greenwich time signal will be accurate onb analogue, not lagging behind as on digital.

It is more environmentally friendly to keep analogue radio.  There will be a huge amount of waste created by discarded analogue radios, and digital radio uses more electricitiy, and so it will be doubly wasteful.

2 Replies to “Keep analogue FM and long/medium/short wave radio”

  1. Living in the highlands and islands and visited in summer by a stream of English visitors in cars, yachts or public transport we certainly need analogue. In many many places its back to long wave to hear Radio 4. Give up and all we’ll hear is Radio Moscow in English!

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