Analogue/FM radio needs to be retained becuase it is a proven and effective form of broadcasting.  Digital radio is unstable and provides poor quality sound over large tracts of the country.  The retention of Analogue radio will ensure that millions of perfectly serviceabe radios continue to be used and not thrown away, almost certainly into landfill.  The exchnge/refurbishment of analogue radios for the use of poor people is at best a smoke screen and at worst a lie becuse the system would not be able to deal with the millions of radios involved.  Moreover, the majority of the "target people" would not be able to afford the batteries needed or have access to electricty to run the equipment.  The Analogue/FM system provides accurate time checks whilst digital does not and never will do.  Digital radio receivers uses more power than Analogue receivers and therefore the adoption of a digital radio system would be a retrograde step in the unversal quest for the efficent use of energy. 

Why is this idea important?

Analague radio is a effective working system.  One is not being a Luddite in the desire to keep analogue which has been working for decades with very few problems indeed!  Use it, don't lose it!  One need say no more.

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