Why are there all these posts wishing to deny the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth children in a family to any type of assistance.

If the govt was not giving anyone else –  inc schools, hospitals, businesses, wars,  – any money then maybe you could argue that these poor babies could be denied that extra 11 pounds a week to spend on food, clothing and shoes.

Or I suppose in those other posters opinions  – the children can wear the hand me downs of the first two – but you CANNOT feed four children on the same amount of groceries as two. Children will STARVE if these stupid people get their way.

The middle classes average one or two children, and the working classes and below average to having more children. So really its just terrible bigotry of the middle classes against the poor. But to let children starve seems a bit extreme – however –  I suppose the rich were fine with this 100 years ago – so is that what we are going back to!!!!

Why is this idea important?


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