End all plans to switch off the FM signal. Allow us to keep FM and all our FM radios.

Why is this idea important?

There are so many reasons to abandon the switch-off of FM. Here are a few.



  1. The vast majority of households have many FM sets (bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, car, portable etc.) most of which are not DAB. It will be very expensive for them to replace them all, so they will resent any politician who forces them to do so.
  2. Many people cannot afford to replace all their FM radios (and only a tiny minority will be given subsidies) so it is not fair to deprive them of their use.
  3. Chucking all those perfectly good FM radios in landfill and replacing them with DAB is very bad for the environment.
  4. As well as being very expensive for households, the switch-over will be expensive for the government, BBC and commercial radio stations. This is all just a waste of money.
  5. DAB is an outdated form of digital broadcasting – there are better versions available now.
  6. DAB has worse sound quality than FM
  7. Many areas do not get DAB reception and it will be very expensive to provide it for them
  8. Car radio DAB do not work well.
  9. This is the sort of statist imposition which Labour revelled in but which your government is supposed to be against.
  10. Far better to just scrap the whole expensive, unfair, ill-planned, bad for the environment scheme.

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