It doesnt seem all that long ago we were all having to get used to FM frequencies for our favourite radio stations. Now we are (possibly) going to totally lose FM in favour of DAB. Why? I havnt seen any good write ups for it. In fact, it seems to me that its an excuse by government who may be looking to get more taxpayers money if they switch off FM and force people against their wills to get DAB. I cant afford it. My car is the only place I listen to a radio and I wont replace it in favour of DAB. I live in a rural location and I doubt very much if I could receive DAB.

I say keep FM and if anyone wants DAB, let them get it. Dont force it on the taxpayer. As the saying goes, if it aint broke etc!!

Why is this idea important?

Because not everyone can afford to change just because of government policy.  Think before switching it off.



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