We all know, (well the minority of us that are semi awake) that certain news channels are more biased than others when it comes to promotion of political party policies and current events.

Create dedicated political channel(s) and let the mainstream news merchants do what they are supposed to do, reporting REAL news.

This way people can tune in 24/7 to whatever political propaganda channel they choose, as and when they desire to find out what they are voting on without getting swayed by the mainstream newsreaders "HARD TALK" 

And while your at it, make sure that these so called "public servants" have a weekly grilling from the public on issues and policies that effect us all, with an interactive feedback system to show what is hot and what is not. This especially includes the Prime minister and his minions.

The people are fed up of not having a voice, just having the right to vote IS NOT ENOUGH!!!


Why is this idea important?

The main influence on public perception on any given subject in this country or indeed around the world is spoon fed to them my Mainstream News networks.

It's time to change the whole outdated media system, and give the people a say in what they want to hear and watch.

Some politician reading off a script with ready made answers to ready made questions is called PROPAGANDA!

Put the people that are responsible for implementing and maintaining critical legislation into law under the spotlight, so you actively encourage the people to self govern this country.

The whole system is massively corrupt at the moment, and a lot of people are starting to see through the LIES and DECEPTIONS.

If you think this topic is heavy handed, go do a survey and ask 1000 people if they trust politicians.  I will guarantee you will get a resounding  90 percent plus NO!

I would suggest,  to avoid imminent revolution, you start listening to the people that you are supposed to represent!!  


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