The Royal Homeopathic Hospital and some others provide a good service that is, in my experience, as effective as conventional medication. There has been a witch hunt against homeopathy in recent years and it is under threat. I wish to  protect my right to homeopathy on the NHS, and l propose that it should be available nationally, not just a postcode lottery.

Why is this idea important?

Homeopathy might not work for everyone but neither do conventional drugs.

It is cheaper than the expensive prices charged for a course of  drug treatment by the big pharmaceutical companies.

I have been told that there is no evidence of its science, but if it works for some then it does indeed work and the RHH has proven this.

Those who say it is only a placebo effect and shoudl be withdrawn are short sighted. Even if it is a placebo effect that makes it work, if it works it works, and withdrawing the placebo will make people sick again!

It is often a last choice for those who have not been helped by conventional drugs, and if it is not there, then where will they go?

Homeopathy is supported strongly by the Royal Family, and if it is good enough for them…

Homeopathy as an option shoudl be part of a range of treatment options available to patients.  There is no pressure on anyone to have it, but as some of us hace found that it works when the drugs fail, it is essential that the right is kept.



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