It seems that nearly everything in today’s world is complicated. Nothing we do anymore is easy. Claiming for anything, paying for taxes, selecting a childs school, registering for anything, driving, smoking, healthcare, pensions, disability, etc etc… Everything is about decisions though, so why don’t we take things back to basics, make things very very simple.
You are out of work…or need extra money- let’s claim one benefit, not income based JSA, contributions based JSA, ESA,DLA,HB, pension tax credit, child tax credit, working tax credit etc etc. it all comes out of the same purse eventually, let’s save time and money, make things simple. Yes, the setting up would need to be right, to make sure that the unemployed are actively seeking work, that the pensioner is not hiding savings, that people are not claiming for false persons. But time spent on a proper single benefit system would mean that numbers and figures would add up easily.
Business / self employment – make this simple for the ‘little guys’ the new short forms were a start but it could be so much easier. Similarly, grants, or EMA – the paperwork is horrendous… Let’s get simple
Crime – less paperwork, more bobbies on the street, back to ‘old bobby’ policing where the local ‘dodgy fella’ is known to the beat Bobby. Stop treating criminals better than we treat our children. Most low wage earner families have less luxuries than a villain in prison.
The list is endless.. Stop complicating things, get simple, and start over. And if you don’t believe me…. Give me a subject and I’ll give you the simple way to sort it.

Why is this idea important?

Simple services across the board with no red-tape would save billions of pounds. Governments waste trillions of pounds renaming office departments, having one department do one thing and another checking the first! Our government and leaders are supposed to govern the county but the way things are they are just governing a bloody mess. Leaders are supposed to lead, but how can they lead when there is no orderly queue?
Money does make the world go round and Britain needs to bring back the Great part!

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