Over the last few years travellers and gypsies have moved onto land all over the country mainly during the summer months, a lot of them have homes in residential areas already but use the summer months as an excuse to get into a vehicle and tow a caravan to the nearest piece of land where they set up site with others of a similar nature and cause absolute havoc for land owners and residents.

They follow supposed horse fairs arond the country and on setting up sites getting to these places cause disruption to residents by moving onto any land that is unprotected and start to "work" in the area doing poor quality tree work and drive laying usually leaving the remenants of such work where they camp causing land owners and local authorites a lot of work and expence clearing the mess up.They also prey on vulnerable members of the community part completing odd jobs and normally shoddy and poor quality work.They drag their children around with them and quite quickly they are out of the education system.

These horse fairs should be banned  and the police should be given powers to remove them from any land instantly in company with the land owner instead of the police having to advise landowners of the civil action they have to take to get them off land which is costly and time consuming for all and usually these people get wind of what is going on and move just before any enforcement can be taken which can take weeks.

The Police feel powerless in these situations and landowners feel the police are not doing their jobs but they have no powers unless there are specific grounds and these people know how to avoid situations in order for the police to be powerless.

Lets have legislation made that gives the police the power to move these people on or face arrest and lets have these cruel horse fairs banned completely then there will be no excuse for them to travel the country causing the problems associated with them.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is important to give landowners instant right to access and retain ownership of their property and land and to prevent damage to buildings,land and gates, etc that are damaged by the settlement of these people.

It gives communities protection from travellers and would help prevent anti-social behaviour within these sites, prevent open air litter and sites becoming toilets which ultimately have health and hygene problems and contamination.

It would also reduce the risk of crime committed by these people.

Landowners both large and small would be able to speak to the police and together they could take immediate action without the need to go to a county court in order to get an order to have the land restored to the owner which is costly and more often than not a total waste of time as these travellers will move on if they think action is coming.

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