Isn't it about time people were picked up for lane hogging?

As a regular motorway and dual-carriageway user, I am dismayed at the amount of people hogging lanes, especially the middle lane of a motorway, yet there never seems to be anyone pulling these idiots over.  When you go from the inside into the outside lane to overtake, they sit there completely oblivious to the chaos they are causing.  Even if you are unable to overtake and flash them to move over, they do so, then immediately pull out to the middle lane again.

Perhaps a fixed penalty with 3 points on their licenses would act as a deterrant.

Why is this idea important?

It's important to address this issue, as there are other road users being tempted to undertake just to get past.  This practice is dangerous and could be avoided if people were prosecuted for lane hogging.

Make motorway driving lessons mandatory, as part of an advanced lesson after the test has been passed.  This should also include night driving and basic car maintanance.

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