I think that when people divorce it should be a clean break and each party should be responsible for their own financial future i.e. get a job. At the very least if one spouse has not worked for some time they should get a minimal fixed amount of maintenance for a maximum of 1 year while they pursue a job or training. Getting divorced should not result in you having to support someone through maintenance, or paying out a large sum of money.  NB: I do believe that child maintenance should be paid, but this should also be a reasonable figure and not artificially inflated because the non-custodial ex-spouse is wealthy.

Why is this idea important?

People should not be allowed and encouraged by divorce laws to rely on an ex-spouse to take care of them financially. I think this undermines marriage, as a wealthy person can get used by someone who only marries them for money, and then obtains a divorce to get maintenance or a large settlement. I believe that fear of this discourages many people from marrying and if they have children this undermines the security of the family unit.

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