We used to have a vaguely sensible tax code, now its the most convoluted, longest, impenetrable load of mumbo jumbo ever seen. It was possible to do your own tax return – not now. It's just a job scheme for tax accountants.

Corporation tax has been made clearer – why can't we do the same with personal tax.

Lets start again. Get rid of National Insurance. Get back to just PAYE, Capital gains and inheritance tax. All the silly little rules that make it like a "game" and not real life. Remove all the allowances, just strip it right back and make it understandable, if your average person can't understand the tax code then its not a fair system.

Get rid of the TV licence – whats the point? Its impossible to enforce and with people watching TV on the internet increasingly irrelevant. And no-one believes that the licence money was ring fenced in the first place.

Why is this idea important?

Because if you can't understand the tax code without paying someone to do it for then its inherently unfair.


TV licence – totally outdated, no actual benefit given that TV's aren't controlled substances! Savings made could be pumped back into the bbc perhaps? Raise cash through normal taxation.

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