A lot of what is blamed on Heath and Safety killjoys is actually the fault of the litigious culture we live in and risk aversion by the insurance industry. So it isn’t the H&S people saying you can’t do it, but rather the fear/actuality of being sued or not being covered by insurance. So activities that a decent H&S risk assessment may allow get banned for other reasons.

Look what happens when a child gets injured on a school trip; the poor teachers get into all sorts of trouble for “failing to supervise/risk assess, etc.” to the point where they don’t want to be bothered to organise trips. It’s not H&S that therefore is cancelling the trip but the litigation problem.

So we need a Law curbing the ability of people to sue over silly things lest we end up in the exceedingly litigatious state that the USA is in.

Why is this idea important?

Less restriction on our freedom. Less unfair blame attached to H&S law.

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