If the appliance of any law dictates that the ruling / outcome is an affront to the public then the letter of the law should be overturned

A judge should not be bound to rule in favour of something that he believes will fall into this category and a Common sense committee should be enabled to stop bad decisions being made.

Why is this idea important?

Lets put a stop to the letter of the law being used to suit circumstances that the law was not intended

e.g. Someone sacked for well documented incompetence from the health service should not be entitled to compensation for breach of contract or whatever – the fact that the contract was badly written should not detract that it is common sense that someone who is unable to fulfil their role adequately should be sacked

Common sense should be the over riding law for everything and should negate the need for intricate laws that no-one understands

If there is any doubt about something just ask the question will the newspapers will be putting it their papers for people to scoff at

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