I propose a new "LAW OF REASONABLE RISK" that sets out a common sense framework that allows many other health, safety and assessment requirements to be repealed or simplified.

Why is this idea important?

We need to reverse the degradation of personal responsibility and belief that someone else is always to blame when things go wrong.   The growth of health, safety and risk assessment requirements, that now have to be met in so many situations, prevents businesses and society working for the collective good and, in many cases, from ever operating at all.   A simple law that we can all support as a society as being "reasonable" would re-focus the basis of judgement and free us to work for the common good without fear of disproportionate liability.  It should be promoted as a means by which society is encouraged to regain responsibility for oragnising activities and events whilst accepting that everything, for all those involved, will not be perfect.  For the avoidance of doubt, this is not intended to remove employment liabilities for the protection of employees, but would be able to simplify some aspects and would definitely apply to work activities, such as organising social events, school trips and use of commonly used equipment, such as stairs, ladders and kettles.

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