The law against children taking more than 10 days family holiday per year, punishable with £100 fine per child.

Schools take a high moral ground point of viewwhen they are giving permission even for days within the 10 day limit.

1: School trips to the countryside or abroad or wherever are always touted as ''valuable not to be missed opportunities''

The benefits of school trips cannot be underestimated for their ability to widen the childrens point of view and encourage them to take a greater interest in other cultures, the countryside, history, etc.

Family holidays to the same places are regarded by school as detrimental to the child's education, ''a day missed of education can never be made up''


2: Easy to show that children who take more days off from school have worse results, this does not mean this is the cause but a correlation.


3:This law is like a 9 p.m curfew for the whole population, definitely has  a positive result in fewer problems on the streets at night but is just a blanket restriction on freedom.


4: Family holidays taken in term time are

better for holiday time availability and flexibility for working parents

better for businesses for flexibility

better for class sizes

better for spreading the load on transport systems

better for less mental stress of bank holiday style mass movements of people

better for holiday business to have a more consistent income

better for price affordability

better to develop childrens flexibility, ability to fit in and catch up


5: Family holidays are extremely important for many good reasons and need to be recognised as important.

Family holidays are a time when families can relax and communicate together, children can reflect and absorb.


6:The attitude of attendance being such an important are of school needs adjustment

Achievement, communication, cooperation, flexibility, contribution, acceptance of differing people and their views and respect for people to live their lives differently need to be encouraged.


This is a lazy and immoral law restricting everyone's freedom and is turning schools into prisons instead of places of creativity communication and passion for learning

Why is this idea important?

This law should be removed because it is a huge restriction on people's freedom.

It acts as a curfew dictating that school and government know best. It demeans people and removes their responsibility and rights of choice of action and encourages them to hand over complete responsibility for their childrens education.

Truancy problems need to be dealt with individually, this law is punishing everyone.

Advocates of this law say that 10 days holiday is plenty, that's not the point. People should be free to decide.  

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