I think this should be repealed as it should not be the responsibility of shop staff to ensure that there is no under age drinking. also for an £80 fine to be given to shop staff for being mislead is totally unfair to those who are already on a low wage to be penalised. It also means possible dismissal and being summons to go to court therefore giving someone who has been mislead a criminal record. this also applies to the manager that has the licence for the shop to sell alcohol that is someone who has had nothing to do with the sale in the first place. I think it is an unfair law penalising those who can not afford such heavy fines and whose future work could be damaged by having to go to court. the whole idea must be thought out again and another remedy sought.

Why is this idea important?

As already stated it leaves the shop assisstant with a heavy fine and damages their future employment.  Shop staff are already paid extremely low wages and cannot afford the outcome of being mislead by an under age drinker.

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