Statutory Law is complicated and difficult to understand, often because it is formed of negative language and is not well communicated to the ordinary Citizen.

I asked my MP a couple of years ago, why it was that there is no defence in law for not knowing the Law. His response was silly – read about the Laws we pass in your newspaper!! No newspaper reports the Law in any detail, and none that I know of list every Law that was passed in Parliament, so you have to search the Internet to find out. I have tried that and become bogged down in huge amounts of obscure Title details let alone the complexity of the English Legal Language inside the Statute – what Laws actually affect me? I have been unable to find out, except to say that every Law must do somehow, since I live here, and am active as a volunteer and Citizen!!

Therefore, there HAS TO BE A DEFENCE in Law for NOT knowing the Law, unless some radical alternative approach to categorising and simplifying Statutes is adopted – the Statute Law Database shows just how much “rubbish” is passed every year.

For example, if Traffic Law is always known to be Law number 1, I could always go to Law Number 1 to see it, so Law 1aaa might be 30 mph limits always exist where lamp-posts are separated by less than 100m, while Law 1aab might be 30 mph limits are shown by 30 mph text painted onto the road surface independent of the separation distance of lamp-posts. Law 2 might be about Data Protection, Law 3 about the limitations of the Monarchy's powers, and so on. I use these as almost trivial examples of course. I do not understand the categorisation system of the Current Statute Book – it seems to be merely a list of everything passed in chapter/date order.

Why is this idea important?

I am clearly not a Lawyer, merely an interested spectator of Parliamentary affairs, and I do not understand the system even though I am 67 years old, and a well qualified design engineer. Only since retirement have I had the opportunity to look at Law, and I am aghast that I am expected to know it!!

Therefore I cannot contribute further to the “Your Freedom” website, since I have no idea how extensive the dictatorial and patronising “Big Brother” under Labour has become.

Statute Law has become impossible to follow.

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