Each law should only contain a statement which stipulates the "Intent Statement". The Judge should be given the power to make his own judgement as to whether the accused has broken this intend and the extent to which it has been broken . Any law which has masses of details, ifs and buts, is gotten around by the legal defense. Judges should be empowed to simply make their own personal judgement based on the simple one line "Intent Statement".

Why is this idea important?

By applying the "Intent Statement" approach to justice, it will elliminate the detailed reams of written laws which actually assist criminals to escape justice. A technical point let off is a common event depending how much legal council that the accused could afford. Everyone knows that money buys reduced sentences and acquittals.

The stream lining of the laws to an "Intent Statement" would result in a massive number of laws being repealed and replaced by a oneline "Intent Statement". The Judge becomes the law as he is the interpretor based on his own common sense and quality of character.

The legal proffession has become a high priced interpretor of laws and judgements which in the end often has nothing to do  with achieving  the original intent of the regulation for which it was created by parliament due to the ommisions and the conflictions with other laws when originally written.

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