Remove our membership of the EU. It is treason!

Outlaw the current system of MP's expenses.

Do away with speed cameras except in known danger areas and the motorways.
Do away with snooping cameras on the high street.
Outlaw councils using anti terror laws to their own ends.
Repeal all family law legislation and start again after FULL consoltation with the nations extended family members, including fathers and grand parents.
Ditto with laws governing the behaviour of Social workers.
Stop finger printing school children and taking the DNA of the innocent.
Take a fresh look at legislation which is allowing corrupt lawyers to get away with anything they like because their pals back them up.
Repeal laws that allow all sorts of people other than the police to enter your home using force.
Repeal laws that grant immunity from prosecution for corrupt MP's
Make it illegal to renage on manifesto pledges by strenghening laws and penalties on breech of contract, breech of promise and false representation.
Tighten up laws on the way ballot boxes are handled after an election.
Remove the stupid laws that prevent parents and professional photogrpahers from photographing children at sports events by branding them as potential pedos.
Do away with the BBC licence fee which is a tax on people that lets the BBC brainwash us while we pay to have it done.
Make it illegal for teachers to promote socialism or any other political viewpoint in a school.
Bring in new laws to make it illegal for the press to supress the views of dissenters by means of unreasonable censorship on comments (Web) or letters pages.
Repeal all PC legislation that makes thinking differently illegal.
Repeal all laws that prevent customers taking on big frms when they get ripped off. Such as Microsoft being able to produce an o/s which forces you to buy a new computer to use it.

Why is this idea important?

Because it is the least that MP's can do to regain trust.

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