Lawyers should be required to submit a writtten estimate of their price for the job , before they start work, as all other professionals do.

They should not be allowed to proceed without a written agreement with the client . Most importantly, they should not be allowed to make any further charges to the client unless the client agrees in writing to a new agreement.

The present system leads either to clients having an open ended risk of cost or excessive costs to the state. Society is being held to ransom.

The price of justice is far too high at present. It should be subject to the same limits as other occupations.

Tony Blair left us with a lawyer's dream and a citizen's nightmare.

NO WIN, NO FEE agreements have to be paid for by somebody!!


The cost of justice could also be cut by shortening the gap between verdicts and sentencing decisions.

Why is this idea important?

The present cost of justice is far too high.

Society is at the mercy of an outdated and gross method of charging which encourages lawyers to prolong legal procedures and trials.

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