I have recently had my story published in the local and national newspapers regarding my children's primary school banning the use and of suncream in school. The reason for the ban was primarily down to the guidelines issues by the Health and Safety Dept within the local LEA.

After living in Australia for the past 10 years and raising my children to be responsible to be aware of the harm that the sun can cause without adequate protection, I was disgusted to find that an education dept, one that is supposed to teach our children in all aspects of life, was putting mine and other children at risk with this non-sensical policy.

Why is this idea important?

I believe that my case is not the first time that this issue has been raised. I read an article from 2009 in which the child concerned got burnt after the school had refused to allow suncream. It was only after she got burnt that the school decided to change its policy. We should NOT have to wait for a minor to suffer burns to her body until someone does something about it. 

I believe that someone in national government needs to step up and take this matter seriously. I have been told that the policy of having suncream available in school is not legislation but I firmly believe it should be. A legal policy needs to be put into place for our children to have a right to protect themselves. There is nothing to stop Britain in adopting the same slip, slap, slop practice as Australia and making it a part of the school curriculum. Yes, maybe Australia has hotter days and longer periods of summer than the UK does but the UV rays are the same strength whether here,there or anywhere.

If this problem is not targeted now, then I have no doubt that there will be another parent next year in the media with the same problem that I have had this year. Maybe they will be like me and wanting to prevent sunburn on their child/ren or maybe their child/ren would have been burnt already. Either way, they have a fight on their hands with the LEA and/or school.



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