Legalise all illigal substances and make them available for shop oweners to sell.

Why is this idea important?

I work in mental health, drugs are illegal, but this does not top many, many, many people ending up in a mental health unit becuse of them. The drugs law has not been able to stop this illegal trade or people taking of drugs. It is a pointless law.

By legalising the entire illegal drugs market this government could make miilions of pounds for the country instead of it ending up in the hands of the criminals. How much money does the government spend on policing drugs…? Millions? How many peoples live are runed because or drugs, to include victims of crimes.

By legalising drugs not only will you wipe out the present drug trade within this country and the entire criminal activity it supports but jobs could be created by growing or making the drugs and tax and VAT could be made on selling them

Also, many many people lives a ruined because of drugs and the drugs trade, not just those who become addicted, and the voctims of crimes made o buy the drugs but those are forced to grow it in other country's.

Smoking is addictve, alcohol is addictive, and thats legal, infact, it is easier to come off cocaine that it is to give up smoking and alchol addiction…did you know that?

If somebody want to do drugs and possibly get addicted to it or end up with a drug induced psychosis by smoking cannabis or doing class A , and end up with brain damage by drinking to much alchol for the rest of their lives then that is their problem..!

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