Leave the EU to gain back our freedom as an island nation

Why is this idea important?

We gain control of our own law making and not have laws enforced upon us from distant shores

Close the europol (european police force) offices that are in the uk.

We gain the freedom to rebuild our manufacturing,farming and fishing industries that have been decimated by the europratts.

Our industries gain the freedom from EU regulations that are strangling growth and costing jobs and millions each year

We gain the freedom to stop uncontrolled immigration from the EU

We gain the freedom to spend the £106 billion+  we give the EU each year on rebuilding our own economy.

We gain the freedom to hold public referendums, which the EU have denied us

We gain the freedom to tear up the lisbon treaty.

I think you get the idea by now. It wont make things nice and rosey over night but changes for the better will happen a lot quicker and we once again will have control over our own destiny and make the uk a major stable economic player once again instead of a has been.




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