Stop lawyers advertising on TV , and other media the vast array of No win – No fee cases,

Why is this idea important?

Legal firms have created a compensation culture that did not used to exist in this country, and they effectivley goad people into making any form of spurious claim with the "promise " of easy money, without risk.


They treat it as a gravy train to fill their coffers, and in truth in most cases it perfoms no useful civic function. We have a benefit system which cares for people who have minor accidents , and it is perverse to pay thousands of pounds for minor injuries.


IF it is a serious injury -have an "ombudsman" (independant arbitor, ) who keeping it simple can act between the two parties , and determine a Reasoned settlement which would be binding on both parties (and PLEASE let him or her not be a lawyer -but a lay person with common sense) -or better still use volunteer third sector adjudicators –who work only for expenses– save everyone a fortune including the country.

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