The legal high market is clear evidence that the war on drugs has been lost.  Once more, this cannot be repudiated.  The ACMD (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs) chaired by  Les Iverson, has spoken out today of how there is no infrastructure to cope with the current climate of chemists and imports from countries such as China.

These latest news stories lend their weight to the outcry to repeal the drug laws which are detrimental to society in every way.  The current laws are futile and are being exploited:

Why is this idea important?


Professor Nutt, the previous leader of the ACMD who was sacked last year despite his complete vindication as shown here in a Freedom Of Information Act document:

—– Nutt spoke out of this new threat many months ago and has tried to avoid the potential harms of this new market.  It is simply not known what the effects of these new substances are.  He was once more ignored and he has again been proven right.  The Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs-  -proposed a new approach to drugs and reducing harm. As this very qualified Professor has been ignored more times than is decent, it is now time to listen and take heed of the advice from this highly respected Neuropharmacologist and the backing of most of the independent scientific community, and many respected police officers.

In 1920's America, with the prohibition of alcohol, "moonshine" and other "bath tub concoctions" made their way to the streets.  It was new breed of illicit substances that broke prohibition America.  History is repeating it is clear to see.

The drug war has been chasing the tails of organised crime for many years, we now have powerful cartels that are gripping the country; we are now chasing the tail of a legitimised industry that will, and can, continue unabated from overseas.  The import/export business of this new industry is set to flourish in one form of another for a long time, and countries are to become richer from the UK's disarray.

Please focus on harm reduction and not political point scoring.

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