Currently the possession of an implement with a locking blade in public without good reason is an offence under the 1988 Criminal Justice Act. I should like to see either the relevant section of the CJA repealed or an exception added for devices/implements termed Multi-tools (sometimes Multitools). This would permit the carrying in public, except in those places where heightened security measures were in place, of devices with multiple uses equal to that of a knife. This would not include items such as a knife with a bottle-opener in the handle and little else, but it would cover items where the they are able to be used as pliers, a knife, a saw, a file, a screwdriver etc. The "shorter than three inches" requirement would still apply.

Why is this idea important?

The United Kingdom has always been a nation of practical and inventive individuals. The ability to create solutions to everyday problems out of little more than what is at hand has always been a source of pride for us. The non-locking folding knife provision/interpretation of the 1988 CJA robs us of the ability to use common tools in our everyday lives and for no good reason. In addition, those who still carry tools for the purpose of problem solving are handicapped by the requirements of this law which limit us to tools which are both low in quality and dangerous to use as the non-locking requirement increases the chance of sliced fingers in hard use. For hundreds of years most people of this nation carried some knife of some type about their person for various purposes. This was never felt to be a problem. The current state of affairs has come about do to a whirlwind a fear stirred up by the media and this is an excellent opportunity to set right a small injustice and give the people a little of the practicality back.

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  1. Fantastic idea.

    I am currently looking to purchase a new multi tool and the requirment for it be non looking makes the choice very limited, and of course adds the danger of accidental cuts.

    I find it ridiculous that there are such tight restrictions on sensible tools which includes a knife, which is useful for so many things and has been one of the most basic tools used throughout the ages.

    The type of person likely to use a knife for violence will likely carry one regardless of law, and I doubt very much that a multi tool would be the weapon of ‘choice’.

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