If drugs were legalised and controlled by the government as alcohol is nowadays this would open up an increased revenue for the state and could help deal with Britain's debt and help with other public services. It would also take off 99% of all drug dealers off the street and it would mean clean and controlled substances would be made available. In addition to this, it would take away a lot of the glamour and mystery surrounding drugs and stop several people from ever getting involved. Controlled drugs mean a certain quality and quantity for sale can and should be fixed. A place to consume these drugs should also be designated and ensure anyone breaking these laws should be punished with a heavy fine. No child should be subjected to narcotics until they reach adulthood breaking this boundary should incur heavy fines and the like. Also people who pose a risk for others eg: those with mental health problems should not be sold narcotics. Changing the law would mean police time could be better spent tracking down dangerous criminals and deal with actual problems instead of a few kids smoking cannabis in a park. Although this is very brief and not incredibly accurate. The evidence is out there already and has been since the start of this war on drugs. I should not need to state the full case by myself.

Why is this idea important?

– Increased revenue for state

– Better policing

-More personal freedom

More importantly it shouldn't be a man sitting behind a desk who decides what I can and cannot do to MY body.

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