Its time to rethink our cannabis policy, we spend far too much money criminalising people for something that dosen't cause anyone any serious harm. We alow for the recreational use of alcahol and cigerettes, which cause far more of a social and health related problem. If people smoked more and drunk less, our streets would be safer.

The scientific advice clearly shows that cannabis is not as harmful as either alcahol or ciggs, why then are they are acceptable but cannabis could leave you with a jail sentance. This is an absolute injustice and needs to be addressed.

By legalising cannabis we can: Free up police rescources, increase tax revenues, encourage new business, increase tourism, make users safer, take money away from orginised crime and break the link between the soft and harder druggs.  

We could setup or sell licences to setup small coffee shops in the same style the Netherlands, but make the law clearer, so that we encourage the business. Tax can then be put on the licence and goods, users can do this in a safe enviroment. We can then take more of an acvite role in management, we can then set an age limit and give drug advice and assistance to those who need it.

Why is this idea important?

Set right the current injustice of allowing Alcahol and Ciggs and banning something less dangerous.

Stop criminalising people who don't cause anyone else harm.

Follow scientific advice rather than scaremoungering.

Reduce orginised crime and negatives of the current system.

Benifits to tax revenues.

Create a safer enviroment.

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