All laws banning the possession, consumption and cultivation of cannabis should be scrapped immediately.

Licensed premises should be established where the sales of cannabis to adults over the age of 21 can take place.  A limit on the amount a person can purchase at any one time (7 grams?) could be introduced.  These premises would be able to either grow their own produce or purchase it from licensed cultivators to avoid a similar 'back door supply' problem as experienced in the Netherlands. 

Licensed cultivators should be able to produce cannabis for retail sales in secure areas/locations and be subject to strict quality control.

The growing of cannabis for personal use should be allowed with a  pre-determined limit on the number of plants allowed in any one garden.

The possession and use of cannabis should not be tolerated in the presence of minors instead specialised shops would provide outdoor smoking areas where cannabis can be consumed safely.

Why is this idea important?

Millions of pounds are wasted each year on attempts to control cannabis usage and consumption.  This has been ineffective at best.  This money could be better spent elsewhere.

The problem of impure cannabis which can be detrimental to health would be eradicated.  Gone will be the days of 'grit weed', cannabis cut with glass and the infamous soap bar – essentially a toxic product which thousands of people smoke.

Young people would find it much more difficult to acquire cannabis as licensed premises would have strict criteria on age – street dealers do not check ID!  This would combat one of the key concerns over the effects of cannabis on a young persons mind.  If they are unable to acquire cannabis then they will be unable to use it.

Medical users will be able to cultivate their own medicine without fear of arrest and will be able to consume a beneficial herb safely and freely.

A person desiring cannabis will be far less likely to come into contact with other harder drugs as they would not have to visit dealers who are also pedalling other drugs.  Instead they would visit the licensed premises where only cannabis is sold.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – the cannabis trade will be taken out of the hands of the criminal gangs who currently make huge profits from the control of this market.

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