To Legalise Cannabis and growing cannabis to a certain extent. 

Why is this idea important?

My friend was saying that if cannabis was legalised just think of all the benefits and opportunities it would actually create. If the United Kingdom followed the same path as Amsterdam there could be more businesses, more jobs and more people coming for holidays and pumping money into the British system. As well as enforcing special areas where you could smoke it so it was off the streets.

In my opinion I think there would be less crime because people who smoke cannabis don't want to cause any trouble they just want to be left in peace to be happy.

It would also have benefits for people who have illnesses and can benefit from smoking cannabis considering it has medicinal purposes.

I think a good point to make would be if it were to be legalised and legalised to grow there should be a limit to on how much you could grow and a limit to how much you could buy in a certain length of time, just so there was still money getting put back into the country.

I hope you really think about what I have said and realise what this would really mean for the country.

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