There are only 1 bed for every 20 addicts. This is a terrible situation. Let's legalise all drugs and raise the money needed to put into rehabilitation. For decades we have allowed a moral issue to be criminal. The social issues and moral issue is that we will use drugs no matter what the law is. The law does not stop people using drugs. Lets face the problem and accept we cant beat the drugs trade. Lets legalise drugs. The home office of the previous governement would not legalise drugs as they felt it wouldn't prtect people. We all can buy whatever drugs we wish. The UN convention doesn't protect people or stop people taking drugs. Let's use the money to help addicts and move forward. You cant stop someone from taking drugs, lets support and rehabilitate people from the situation.

Why is this idea important?

Mass rehabilitation, legalise drugs and begin to offer people what they need.

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