I believe not all drugs, even the harmful ones should be legalised. Why? Because while something is illegal there is NO regulation of it. Which is why it is so harmful to users and so profitable to sellers.

Legalisation does not have to mean encourage the use of drugs. It can mean make it a medical problem, rather then a legal one, when the only person an addict harms through their drug use is themselves. All drug related crime, be it addicts stealing for a fix or gang related crime, all come from the legal status of drugs. If there was legal, safe, regulated access to drugs, then the only problem remaining is treating the addicts. Which would be far cheaper for the tax payer then funding a hopeless drug war. Especially considering the potential money there is to be made from taxing the mostly harmless drugs such as cannabis.

The final point I have to make is that it is very foolish to keeps drugs illegal when after years of fighting to end drug use it has only inreased. It is impossible to stop people using drugs. Even in places such as China where drug users are executed, there are still plenty who use them anyway.

So please, lets change our drug policy from one based on racism and propaganda to one based on scientific evidence. Before too much damage is done.

Why is this idea important?

Non volient, innocent people are currenty  inprisoned or given a criminal record for doing something that harms no one except possibly themselves.

Harmless drugs such as cannabis would only benefit society through taxation, and as an alternative for the most daangerous drug of all, alcohol.

The government has absolutly NO rigtht to tell use what we can put in our bodies, if we are of sound mind and still choose to use drugs, then why should we be stopped?


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