The current laws on prostitution , far from stopping prostitution, actually serve to drive it further underground and endanger the lives of women (and men) who work in the industry.

Take the recent case of Hannah Morris for example. She and her colleagues reported a particularly violent assault on one of the escorts who worked at her agency, thinking the perpetrator would be caught and helping the police with their enquiries. Instead she was arrested and charged with 'brothel-keeping' . How many workers in the industry are likely to report violent attacks now? These are the real criminals, and if the law regarding brothels is not changed they will get away with it all and keep attacking vulnerable women, safe in the knowledge it will probably go unreported! This is a travesty.

It is unsafe to force women to work on their own (currently one women operating alone is legal, but 2 women working together purely for safety, neither 'controlling' the other's hours/pay/services is illegal). 

Why not make it legal for 2 or 3 women to work together in a co-operative? Legalise the buying and selling of sex, and make the sex industry taxable , legit , and like any other business. 

Of course trafficking and forced prostitution are awful things and the focus should be on tackling these without criminalising the 'normal' everyday law-abiding citizens who do this work of their own free choice? There are already laws against trafficking – why not use resources to implement them? 

If prostitution was made a legalised, above board, and proper profession, people who choose to work in this industry would be safer and free from stigma, the public purse would benefit from more (previously under-the-radar because of the law) parlours and 'working flats' paying taxes, and any vulnerable/ trafficked women and men wouldn't be driven further underground.

Think, people, Think! What is wrong with selling/buying a service between two consenting adults? These laws need changed before any more sex workers are attacked or even killed.

J Kinning, Scotland.

Why is this idea important?

It is important for the safety of sex workers, and for defending their human right to do what they like with their own bodies.

For the real crimes of trafficking and forced prostitution to be prevented from moving even further underground, where the victims are too scared to report a crime.

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