Butterfly knives became illegal to buy, sell, manufacture, import and lend under the 1988 Criminal Justice Act. I personally feel this is a pointless piece of legislation, butterfly knives, whilst they may look quite frightening, are no more dangerous than any other knife legally availiable in this country, and banning them has had no impact on violent crime whatsoever.

I propose that the 1988 Criminal Justice Act be ammended, allowing all those over 18 to once again be allowed to buy, sell and possess Butterfly Knives legally, in the United Kingdom.

Why is this idea important?

Butterfly knives are extremely useful and practical tools. Out of all the folding pocket knives, the butterfly knife has the strongest and safest locking mechanism, it is almost impossible for the blade to fold on the users fingers, a particularly useful feature for those who like myself frequently use pocket knives for work and hobbies.

5 Replies to “Legalise Balisongs/Butterfly Knives.”

  1. For far too many years our government has tried to idiot proof our country. If self defence was taught in school instead of how to be a victim, we wouldn’t need over protective “mothering” laws. If in school we where taught about weapons…IE….maintenance, use, and safety, and we where allowed open carry, there would be far fewer violent crimes. Rape for example, how many idiots would consider raping a woman if they knew they could get shot. But no, we as a society are trained to be victims. I would love to put my trainer away and handle a butterfly knife for real instead of just playing at it like. just a few thoughts. Chris

    1. Just wanted to say, Chris Huston, you’re a complete and utter moron, in every way. if you really thing being taught about maintenece, use, and safety of weapons, and bieng alowed to openly carry would help with crime rates at all, you simply don’t undestand reality. as for the rape thing, there’s just as much (at least) rape in countries with guns. And no, we’re not trained to be victims, that’s a pathetic thing to think. In short, don’t reproduce, your genes shouldn’t be spread, really. And yeah, balisongs should be legal.

  2. Hi,
    I have been using a trainer for a while and while agree that some of them are frighting, they also need lots of skill to be able to handle. Britain has very low knife crime so I think they should be re-allowed.

  3. They should be legalised because if you wanted a knife for the soul purpose of committing a knife crime then you wouldn’t spend loads on a balisong, you’d just get a knife out of the kitchen. Plus the fact that butcher knifes, cleavers, etc. Are more deadly than a butterfly knife and require less skill to use as they’re fixed blades and have much longer blades.

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