Make Brothels registered businesses. Ultimately provide prostitutes the ability to work safely. Give Prostitutes the chance to work and pay income taxes even VAT for their services. Many sex workers work from a Brothel which is currently illegal. In turn they find themselves in a position where they feel excluded from our financial systems. Many of these high earners never declare their income. Prostitution laws are far more evolved across Europe. We should be the country leading the field.

Why is this idea important?

For girls to work on the streets is dangerous and illegal. Many sex workers feel safer working from a fixed private address. Although prostitution itself is legal the laws surrounding prostitution are too complex. The rights and safety of a sex worker need to be considered. As controversial as this may sound, a high majority of sex workers work in their profession out of free choice. The current laws are clearly archaic and do not realistically reflect our evolved society of today.

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