I challenge the Con-Lib government to give adults a choice over the use of thier own bodies, listen to the voice of a well supported long standing campaign and prove democracy still exists.

Why is this idea important?

The sale and supply of cannabis is currently making billions of pounds a year for gangs of organised criminals,  instead of asking the poorest people to pay for the mistakes of the banks, why not repeal an undemocratic prohibition and relieve some of that financial pressure?

Some common (tabloid) misconceptions about cannabis: 'but it makes people go mad' – Regulation and education is the answer!  potent strains of 'super skunk' can be easily regulated if the law allows.  How many violent incidents have been attributed to the use of cannabis in the past year?  And how many alcohol related violent incidents do we see in this country every week? 

'Smoking causes lung cancer': Smoking tobacco can cause lung cancer, I ask the government why they are happy to make so much money from taxing somthing known to be so deadly?  Is it perhaps somthing to do with the shares that members of  past – if not present cabinet members hold within companies such as Brittish American Tobbacco?  Again education is the answer, there are several non-carcinogenic ways to consume cannabis.

'Cannabis is a gateway to harder drugs'  Yes, under the current prohibition status it is, becuase it is profitable to organised criminals when people become addicted to substances such as heroin.  If these people were not mixing with serious criminals to obtain a relatively harmless substace in the first place, how many would even be exposed to that choice?

'Legalising cannabis will create a generation of lazy stoners full of wasted potential'  I am 25, have smoked Cannabis since the age of 17, and have not been unemployed since the age of 13.  All of my friends smoke it too, not one of them is unemployed or has ever lost a job due to the consumption of cannabis, in fact the only way in which it could ever jeopardise thier futures is by giving them an unjustified ciminal record.

End this madness now, or explain openly to the people you serve why it is ok to for the government to endorse alcohol and tobacco.


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