Cannabis should me made legal,



Why is this idea important?

People go on about cannabis being a dangerous "drug" , its not !!

It baffles me how alcohol one of the biggest killers! is seen as excepteble and cannabis is or has been seen as harmful.

Cannabis should be made legal by the new government, it would bring a lot of NEEDED revenue to this country! just like Holland.

There are many strains of cannabis, of which alot of them have medicinal qualities from pain killers to anit depresants, I think that the goverment should produce all cannabis, so they recieve all profits! There would be no need to tax cannabis. All Cannabis should be bought from Safe Dispenseries just like in california, and should be done on a national scale dont think that the dutch style of coffeeshops would work in this country!

I think that all Cannabis should be consumed indoors, away from children and the general public. 

The current law on cannabis is pointless!! it must be the most broken law ever made.Millions of people use cannabis everyday, its not ever going away.

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