By legalising cannabis, It will allow the government to regulate the substance by allowing only licensed growers to produce and distribute thus cutting out the associated criminal activities such as dealing and allowing the funds from cannabis going to criminal gangs. It will be easier to prosecute unlicensed cannabis growers and dealers if they are working outside the perameters of the law. There are also great opportunities for the government to gain tax revenue from what is now at the current time a black market economy.      

My idea would be to adopt the Dutch model where cannabis can only be used in licensed premises or at home and the premises should be situated in specifically zoned areas in all major cities and towns. I am not advocating that cannabis cafes should spring up everywhere and this is where the government would regulate these locations alonside local councils.   


Why is this idea important?

Many people use cannabis on a regular basis as a recreational drug and are forced to pay inflated prices due to difficulty in supply and a unregulated price.

How is it that alcohol remains untouched and unregulated when it has far worse health effects and related social problems than what is essentially a soft drug? 

There are also health and pain relief benefits connected with the use of cannabis that don't exist with alcohol. The governments policy on cannabis forces law abiding citizens from all classes to engage in illegal activity when in the 21st century, the government should be taking a more liberal view to what should be a socially acceptable activity.

The govenrment are missing an opportunity to raise taxes and VAT that would help the country in this time of economic hardship and would probably negate the need for so many cuts to public services.  

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