I think cannabis should have been legalised, taxed and regulated a long time ago, it makes absolutely no sense what so ever that drugs like alcohol and tobacco are legal but cause hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. But when you look at the deaths from cannabis a different sort of picture seems to come to mind, there are no deaths from cannabis ever.

Legalising cannabis would also mean it can be used for medical purposes much like america's current dispensary system where patients who need it can finally be able to use the medicine to treat their illness. Cannabis is used to treat: HIV, aids, multiple sclerosis and even prevents and cures cancer.

Also by having cannabis illegal it's making it easier for kids to get a hold of it. It's easier for kids to buy cannabis and other illegal drugs than buying tobacco or alcohol. If it was legal it should be sold to people 18+ keeping it away from children.

Industrial hemp, we could be using hemp for paper to save us cutting down trees, it's the strongest natural fibre in the world, you can eat hemp seeds as it contains all the essential amino acids, even using it for fuel, hemp is an amazing source for bio fuel and can also be used to make bio diesel.

And it would put an end to the failed cannabis prohibition that is currently going on, the prohibition has caused more harm than the cannabis it's self. Putting people in prison for drug posession is wrong, how can they be sent to prison for doing something that's not hurting anyone else.

Why is this idea important?

It's dosen't make sense to make nature illegal and to punish people for using cannabis.

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