just legalise cannabis, its not as dangerous as alcahol, i have smoked it for 13 years, i work very hard as a truck driver, i dont drink or take any thing else and have never wanted to, i think the decission should be ours and find it patronising that you dont mind taking my money for taxes but i cant even have a legal joint in a country that takrs over 5000 pounds a year off me in tax, making me spend another 500 on going to places like amsterdam to make my hobby legitimate, i whish this was giong to our government and not hollands, it seems silly just to let this cash go to criminals and foreign countrys. No gevernment has ever won a war on drugs and never will so why not embrace it instead of wasting millions fighting it and in the process release the burden on prissons, policing and innocent people you crimminalise on a day to day basis, cannabis is easy to get hold of at the moment in fact eisier than a bottle of milk as near me there is 4 shops but 7 drug dealers after the shops shut the drug dealers are still open. Harness this lost revenue and put the criminals out of work in fact theyed probly get jobs in the trade they know best, drugs.

Why is this idea important?

because even the EU reccomends legalising cannabis, your own scientists and most of britain and if you do you will be in power forever i will help you to with my vote. it will create jobs, trade and tourism and mean the police (as there will be fewer of them soon) will be able to concentrate on catching real criminals.

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