The idea is that cannabis should be legalised [or decriminalised], thoroughly regulated and taxed.

Youth and young adults always have and always will use mind altering substances recreationally. This we cannot avoid. But with the growing sophistication of the research chemical industry [synthesised drugs sold as plant feeder or similar] a greater danger is exposed to our nation's youth.

These research chemicals are uncontrolled, unregulated and dangerous. Often containing deadly contaminants. Cannabis however, has been used for centuries and so far has no decumented deaths from sole cannabis use. [excluding the use when mixed with tobacco]

The problem comes with law abiding citizens who want to use mind altering substances recreationally and legally. This turns them to the more nasty and dangerous chemicals to keep on the right side of the law. This is not protecting them. It is harming them.

More and more countries are now decriminalising cannabis for personal use and with great affect. Portugal, Mexico and California [prop 19] are a few to name.

Why is this idea important?

People will always use mind altering substances recreationally. More will always be made after a wave of laws banning them. They come back even worse than before.

With the influx of more and more dangerous drugs and research chemicals it is more dangerous to keep cannabis prohibited.

Cannabis harms very few people, puts little if any strain on the NHS and is avoided due to its illegal status. Turning people over to dangerous 'legal highs'

This will save lives, take strain off the NHS, raise tax and severely hinder the 'legal high' and research chemical trade.

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