please stop me feeling like a criminal for smoking cannabis, what did i ever do to you to deserve this? Apart from paying 5000 pounds a year in taxes it seems daft to let all that money go to criminals who fund bigger criminal activity, its already eisier to get hold of than a bottle of milk so just embrace it and turn it into a legitimate trade making us millions in the process, you need every penny you can get and this is an easy to bring in law.

Why is this idea important?

Because why should we be criminalised for getting wrecked, i work very hard and dont drink as i feel its a potant and dagerous substance which renders me useless, however cannabis is a much subtler and chilled out buzz and i would rather be with a group of pott heads than a group of pissed up loosers who will be willing to kick my head in at the drop of a hat, alcahol fulled of course.


Come on your telling me youve never tried it, give us back our freedom please and stop me getting ripped off by con-men and take back the trade this world was actually born with.

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