The government should immediately restructure the laws surrounding the use of Cannabis.

The proposal is as such:

1. Legalise (completely) the usage of cannabis for medicinal purposes for those who have a current medical condition i.e Multiple Sclerosis.

2. Legalise possesion of Cannabis under 1 ounce and set a level at which it becomes intent to supply i.e. 2 ounces. Anything above this level would be either charged as a class C or B drug.

3. Issue vendor licenses like alcahol and tobacco and have the vendor pay a fee.

4. Tax the cannabis in the same manner as tobacco is.

5. Issue personal licenses to individuals which allows the growing of 5 or 6  plants at a time for personal consumption only and charge an annual fee. (disabled or medically certified persons would be exempt from this fee.)

Why is this idea important?

The reasons for this idea are as such.

1. The legalisation of cannabis for medical reasons would allow those with dibilitating illnesses to smoke (or consume in any other fashion) cannabis and therefore ease the symptoms of their condition. This would allow the sick to use a natural solution rather than chemical equivilents prescribed through the NHS. This would also help reduce the cost of pain medical being paid for by the state.

2. The legalisation and creation of possession goalposts would allow persons to consume cannabis in the privacy of their own without fear of prosecution while setting clear guidelines on exactly how much you are allowed to posses. Anything above the specified ammount without a license would be classified as dealing and would therefore be subject to prosecution. This would ultimately take the strain off of the police force and courts system for the possesion of minor quantities of cannabis while at the same time sending a hard message to illegal dealers that anything above the specified quantities will not be tolerated.

This will also allow the police to go after drug dealers supplying the more nasty drugs. i.e cocaine & heroin.

3. The issuing of certified vendor licenses would allow the government to not only control age limits on the supply of cannabis but ensure that the cannabis is above a certain quality level and does not contain cutting with hazourdous substances. It will also open up opportunities for newstart businesses growing it to government standards aswell as extra business opportunities for existing grow companies. i.e. plant pot manufacturers, compost suppliers, lighting suppliers, hydroponics etc.

This will also push illegal drugs merchants out of business and help reduce crime.

4. Cannabis would be an emmense source of income for the government. If you think smokers prop up the NHS now….wait until you get this income stream.

5. Issue personal licenses for people to grow in their own home without fear of prosecution. For people that may not trust external growers. Allow them to do it at home and charge them an annual fee for a licence.


All in all, cannabis has very little side effects compared to smoking or alcohol but yet cannabis is still illegal. why? The governement has an opportunity to help the NHS, the Police Force, Increase tax income, decrease crime and control the groups actually allowed to use it.

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