Illegal drugs contribute about 1% of the worlds GDP. In 2003 the trade was worth $322bn. The figure now is much higher. The majority of that money goes into the hands of criminals. While that is bad enough the total cost of policing and locking up people as a result of the drugs trade cost even more. The majority of people i know are professional and have good jobs, but they have also done drugs at some point. Very few are addicts. The ones that have been unfortunate have a problem which needs medical/pyscological help. They do not need to be locked away. There is evidence in countries such as Portugal and Holland that have a tollerance of drugs that it does not lead to an increased number of addicts. Human have always taken drugs in one form – be it alcohol or canabis. The goverment could raise huge amounts of tax (to pay off the deficit), make sure drug use is controlled and stop wasting money on poilce/prisons.

Why is this idea important?

There are many reasons. The most important is to help the people that are affected by drugs. The victims – the countless people that are killed whether it is drug related violence or an overdose.

People are killed or violently attacked over the drug trade as it is in the hands of criminals.

Drugs are often mixed with harmful cocktails of other chemicals.

Some drugs like skunk are too strong people.

Police time is wasted/ Prison is expensive/hospitals are expensive

There is a massive tax loss as money is going from the normal market to the black market.

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