We have lost the war on drugs.

Prohibition fuels a need for criminal gangs to fill the gap as provider.

We should have learn't from the experiences of prohibition of alcohol, particularly in the United States that withdrawal of something which is in such demand leads to formation of increasingly ruthless gangs who seek to make fortunes from its provision.

Young lives are being lost, particular in our city areas as gang fights gang for control of this lucrative trade on "their patch".  Many youngsters – particular young black men – see this as their only way out of their poverty.  They see the guy in the sharp suit and smart car (with armed bodyguard at his side) as their role model.

The sharp guy is safe because he uses the kids to do his dirty work.  We have to take away his power base.

I write this as someone who has never used illegal drugs and someone who heard somebody gunned down less than thirty yards away in his road last night.

This wanton loss of life has to stop.

Government has to have the balls to deal with this.

Why is this idea important?

We cannot control drugs by the normally accepted methods of policing and the law.

Too many young lives are being lost.  We read every few days about a young man being stabbed, shot or beaten to death in what are almost certainly drug fuelled attacks.

We read every day of muggings which in many cases are to pay for a drug habit.

Control of drugs could be more safely and sensibly handled if they were legalised and thus removed from ruthless criminal control.

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