Let me begin by saying I do not advocate drug use and don't take drugs.I am in my mid 50's.

There are those who are predisposed to taking drugs and others in society who will have nothing to do with them and this will always be the case.Those who are addicted will obtain drugs at almost any cost.

The money from drug trafficking rots society from within. the sums are so vast that normally incorruptible people become corrupted whether they be police, judiciary, customs officers, prison officers. Ask yourself, how do drugs get into the country? into prisons? Why do police drug busts that we see on TV always yield such small amounts. It's because they are mainly chasing down users and many users are also small dealers. The main dealers do not live on sink estates.

Drug dealing is so profitable that entire countries got/are involved in the trade. Hong Kong was built on the Opium trade thanks to Britain, a subject we don't talk about..

My idea is that existing addicts are confirmed as such by their GP's who take blood and urine samples at the same time. The user is is given a script for a government run dispensary in their area from which they receive their daily or weekly supply.


You remove the bribery and corruption element.

You get a handle on the health of addicts – aids, hepatitus amongst other infections

Reduce housebreakings, shoplifting, assaults and prostitution amongst the young

Reduce accidental overdoses

Reduce the prison population

Reduce the size of the police force

No incentive for dealers to give freebies at the school gates, In fact no incentive to deal at all.

Decriminalise the young and give them a chance of getting their life back

Why is this idea important?

Drugs and I include alcohol are the greatest blight on our fractured society. They ruin families, criminalise addicts, put young people in danger, destroy communities, strengthen criminal enterprises and undermine our society. Lets take the money and criminality out of the equation and I believe over time we will see the problem stabilise and just possibly  reduce.

If politicians cared more about their country rather than their own reputation and careers they would grasp this particular nettle.

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